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why is causing unicode letters to break up?

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2 years ago#1
I am using windows 7 ultimate and if i leave system locale setting to USA, every languages displays fine but non unicode letters like korean, japs comes up all ?^?# up when I try to run a program from that country. So I change my system locale to that specific language, programs display correct language but internet explorer, chrome etc can no longer display those languages correctly. I've been on this for almost a day and couldn't find a solution for it. this is first time that ever happned to me on fresh installalation and downloading language packs or changing code, encoding language did nothing. Anyone know what's causing this or how to solve it?
2 years ago#2
once upon a time you had to download language packs for that.
Maybe that's still true?
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2 years ago#3
If you're just trying to run specific programs in specific languages, you could try the Applocale application which is built into Windows. You run it, choose the executable you want to run and its target language, then when you launch you also have the option to create a shortcut so it always loads in that language. It should do the trick.
2 years ago#4
I know nothing about issues involving language and windows but have you tried changing languages, copying your fonts folder to your desktop ( or documents or wherever), changing back, and then copying those fonts (any that changed/were added, you could probably just copy all and not replace any that already existed) to the English fonts folder?
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2 years ago#5
I didn't copy paste anything. All i did was changing system locale like I did on all my other pc. They all work fine and this specific pc used to work fine before I reinstalled windows. I didn't need to download any language pack on this or any other pc with same setting. I downloaded it to see if it fixes the problem but it didn't so I simply uninstalled it. I did try to switch font setting in window but it didn't work so I set it back to default again. language breaks up only happens in internet browsers not on windows itself when i set system locale setting to specific language. and if I change back system locale to usa, language breaks that happens on internet browsers goes away but now language in this specific programs breaks up.
2 years ago#6
found why it's happening. it's that frigging garbage virus program called conduit search and fix or whatever thing that came alone with imgburn program. i no longer had restore point so i had to reinstall windows and going program by program and see which one was causing the issue. believe it or not, it was conduit. ****ing garbage.
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