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Is total war shogun for me?

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2 years ago#1
Im not an rts expert but I enjoy them. I used to play command and conquer generals. I played age of empires 3 for 2 years, loved it to bits. And my last rts was aoe online.

Can someone recommend great historic rts games for me? Alot of friends have been telling me to play starcraft but the futuristic, space, alien theme is not for me.

How is the total war series? What other historic rts games are good?
GG Riot
2 years ago#2
Well it's turn based, not real time. And they can last so long.
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2 years ago#3
MortalDanger posted...
Well it's turn based, not real time. And they can last so long.

The battles are still real time.
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2 years ago#4
It's not completely RTS, but the battles are.. and they're pretty fun. I'd pick up shogun 2.

I'd also look into older games like Empire Earth and Red Alert 2
2 years ago#5
Ah ok. Well I'll grab shogun 2 wen it goes on sale on steam. I really want to play it now though.
GG Riot
2 years ago#6
Shogun 2: Total War repaired CA's standing with the fans after Empire. Then Rome 2 destroyed it again. So yes, it's the best Total War of this decade so far.

On the map, you control what your cities build and send out agents to troll whoever you want them to, and move your military units. Combat is real time but you can zoom speed. Pretty much you give them orders, and winning isn't about killing more of their troops, but hurting their morale so much that their bowels turn to water and they run away. And then you slaughter them with your fast cavalry units as they run screaming and crying.
2 years ago#7
Its fantastic, I have atleast 50+ hours in it, make sure you check out the two expansion, Rise of the Samurai (which is technically DLC but it adds a new campaign) and Fall of the Samurai (this one changes alot and takes place during the 1800s so you can even get gatling guns eventually)

Theres also good mod support too
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2 years ago#8
Sounds really good. I am still slightly hesitant to the turn based element. And since this will be my first total war game I'll wait for the sale and I grab the two dlcs as well.
GG Riot
2 years ago#9
Dumb mobile site won't let me quote...

But yeah, the turn based isn't too bad. Its gotten much easier to learn in the more recent entries of the series. It's actually why i play shogun 2 and rome 2 lol
2 years ago#10
Get ready for some really long campaigns though. I've been playing Fall of the Samurai for a week and I still haven't conquered everything.
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