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Ok, I'm late to the party but I just finished Assasian Creed IV and

#51SienrurouniPosted 3/25/2014 11:22:14 PM
ShuraYukihime posted...
This reminds me. Someone find a way to combine Sid Meier's Pirates! and AC4.

Also yes the combat was simplistic. But no more so than that of Batman or Sleeping Dogs. Neither of those games seems to draw "hate" for their combat. Or maybe they do and I just don't notice. *shrug*

As someone who rather dislikes the Arkham games combat I do have to say I find it weird how little hate they get. It is the most simplistic easy thing ever, without even having the variety of Assassin's Creed, and both are only really fun when you're stealth killing, which the AC series seems to have forgotten you're supposed to do (especially after adding boss fights in AC2.)
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