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Thinking about upgrading to 1440p monitor.

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User Info: Xemnas999

3 years ago#1
Hey PCH, I currently have a single 1080p monitor set-up, but I wanted to get a second monitor for multitasking purposes, and so I decided that it might be worth getting a higher resolution monitor, I only have a few concerns.

I have a 280X ( )

And from benchmarks I think the performance is pretty good at 1440p, I don't mind turning down a few settings here and there to get a good framerate, especially since I mainly play Dota 2, which I should still easily max. My question is, will the DVI-I port on my 280X work with the DVI-D port on the 1440p monitor?

Secondly, if I wanted to run a game at 1080p, is there any bad upscaling?
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#2
DVI-I is integrated, should be no issue there. You're looking at about 40-50 FPS for most modern games at high/ultra ( ), should be fine. I think the difference between high and ultra in most games is negligible, and you don't need high AA, 2-4x is fine with that high a resolution.

Doing 1080p is usually not that good though, depending on the monitor. I find almost all games run at 1440p, even old games. I ran the original Assassin's Creed which is 7 years old and it looked surprisingly good. Most older games can run 1440p if they support widescreen resolutions at all. I find 1440p low > 1080p medium.
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