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Recommend me some 3D/non-retro 2D indie games

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User Info: chandl34

3 years ago#11
I wouldn't be surprised if M&B2 is just good old M&B with some new additions to it, kinda like Warband was. I'd definitely give Warband a try. I put about 500 hours in M&B and 500 in Warband, no regrets.
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User Info: imasexywoman

3 years ago#12
Any other suggestions?

User Info: imasexywoman

3 years ago#13

User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#14
Banished is a pretty unique indy 3D city building game, but it's still in very early access and only has one guy working on it.

Insurgency is a very fast paced "arcade realist" style team based FPS indy game that's doing very well for itself.

Kerbal Space Program is a indy game with some of the best space simulation gameplay available. Soon to be updated with NASA sponsored Asteroid Redirect scenarios. Even if the game doesn't appeal to you, I highly suggest at least taking a glance at Scott Manley's Interstellar Quest series:
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User Info: bigbadharry

3 years ago#15
Ms spolsion man
Samurai 2 Vengence
Trials Evolution
Kung Fu Strike
2nding Trine 2 that game is just breathtakingly beautiful and has awesome gameplay
Nitronic Rush

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#16
So are you a sexy woman?
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User Info: thatauthor

3 years ago#17
Futuridium EP

Miasmata(built from the ground up by two brothers)

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User Info: FoxtheSly

3 years ago#18
CTRL+F Guacamelee


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User Info: imasexywoman

3 years ago#19
oh god I wish I hadn't mentioned the 2D part I was 95% wanting 3D recommendations and most of this is 2D :(

User Info: maybecalls

3 years ago#20
Just get Warband the next time it's on sale. You won't regret it! You'll love riding around slicing people's faces off with a sabre, or hurling a javelin through their head and watching their lifeless body tumble off the siege ladder. That sort of stuff never gets old.
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