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What does "PC" mean to you?

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User Info: majinbuu58

3 years ago#51
chandl34 posted...
PC means the world to me.

Man that's deep.

That's deep as the ocean.

User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#52
Pirate Collaborator

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#53
Ch3wy posted...
Personal Computer.
god invented extension cords. -elchris79
Starcraft 2 has no depth or challenge -GoreGross

User Info: lazycomplife

3 years ago#54
Posture crutch
Privacy corruptor
Pricier console
Official Swinub
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User Info: KabtheMentat

3 years ago#55
Neck beards
Yeeaah...Somebody must've killed Darryl. Cuz that's what the guy had said.
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