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"Consoles are holding gaming back".

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2 years ago#61
ShadowThaReaper posted...
PS4 has no games.

if that's true then neither does the xbox one
fanboys at their finest
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2 years ago#62
Drive-by trolling at its best right here. TC posts something ridiculously wrong, then never returns, leaving chaos and destruction in his wake.
2 years ago#63
KJay489 posted...
I wouldn't necessarily it's holding gaming back...just graphical advancements. A game will still play the same among all consoles, just better looking on PC.

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2 years ago#64
Englandfc1966 posted...
Console gamers aren't real gamers - fact.

PC only care for Graphics/1080p/60ps- not a real gamer.
2 years ago#65
The PS3 and 360 were so damn RAM starved already at their release.

But in terms of dumbing down gameplay, that started mainly with the 360 generation
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2 years ago#66
IAMlnDiGNaTioN posted...
Console are holding graphics back. That is all.

So they're not holding back AI, UI, level design (large fields compared small areas separated by loading screens) and control inputs?
2 years ago#67
Chasing better graphics is whats holding gaming back. Companies should be focusing on character development, deeper plot lines and better gameplay. Instead they just make prettier versions of the same old games.
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2 years ago#68
It's not like all PCs out there are super powerful anyway, even if all consoles would disappear the developers would still have to cater to the most popular hardware setups
Just look at the Steam hardware survey, the majority of PCs are pretty pathetic
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2 years ago#69
Consoles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PC

Consoles are for men who like to do manly things.
2 years ago#70
We'll never see more games fully developed for the PC while they can just cash in with consoles.

And i don't blame them...
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