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Do you guys care about Virtual Reality?

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1 year ago#41
cody4783 posted...
Like, even though I can see clearly and focus on things in the full field of my view, my right eye takes first priority for viewing until the point where what I focus on is outside of my right eye's view.

Cut out your left eye and wear an eye patch.

All problems solved, and you get to wear an eye patch.
1 year ago#42
Worknofun370 posted...
Cut out your left eye and wear an eye patch.
All problems solved, and you get to wear an eye patch.

But...that would make any possibility of 3D tech well as depth perception.

....and I can wear an eye patch without removing my eye with a spoon.
1 year ago#43
Have had a Sony HMZ-T1 3D virtual Display for 1 1/2 years. I haven't used it in almost 6 months.

Not that it doesn't look great and the 3D effects are not cool but I'd rather just play on my 60" TV then have some device strapped on my head for hours at a time. Maybe when we get more towards the Matrix type tech stuff then i'll be interested.
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1 year ago#44
Anyone comparing current tech to the primitive rushed out the door 3D boy really is 2 pennies short of a dollar here. Thats also ignoring that it was the 90s.

Man gamers today are pessimistic status naysayers. Say what You want but when it comes out most people here will probably buy one.

And once it's in eyeglasses and contact lenses in a little bit everyone will be using it.
1 year ago#45
cody4783 posted...

....and I can wear an eye patch without removing my eye with a spoon.

Yeah, but then you're just some dude who chooses to wear an eye patch. Vs the guy who has to wear an eye patch or all the kids will run and hide.

My logic is undeniable on this, bust out the spoon.
(edited by Worknofun370)
1 year ago#46
There's a hilarious scene from a Nic Cage movie where he got past eye dominance by driving around looking through a periscope while his head was covered with underwear. Realistically though there should be strategies to help with it online, it's not an uncommon issue for firearms training.
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1 year ago#47
I can't wait for true VR, as in a Holodeck. As for VR Goggles, no I can't say I care one way or another.
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1 year ago#48
I think VR is going to bring a great experience but atm it is still in its developing stages. I am definitely interested in it but i will not be an early supporter. I will wait for the competition to increase and for the technology to be further developed before I jump aboard.
1 year ago#49
If it's well done it could be cool, but until I see it I'm gonna remain skeptical.
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1 year ago#50
KJay489 posted...
Head tracking seems like the best thing to happen with VR, but it doesn't seem practical for an FPS where precision and quick 180 turns are necessary.

It (virtual reality) isn't practical for any gaming.

It's an idea that seemed "wow" back in the 80s , but in the real world, you can't do that much with it.

Kind of like when they were saying in the 80s that "hologram" technology would replace TVs at the beginning of the 21st century. Not only did that not happen . . . it's not going to happen . . ever.
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(edited by Born Lucky)
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