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4k TV connected to a PC? XBR65X850A as an example?

#11romsnbombsPosted 3/29/2014 2:49:22 AM(edited)
Lemur_H posted...
I would think your 2 GB VRAM limit on your cards would hold you back, as well.

Can't remember the source, but someone reported 1.5 GB usage just from web surfing.

To all the people saying VRAM is an issue, have you actually downsampled at 3840x2160 and monitored dedicated VRAM usage?

I mean, sure Crysis 3 will use just over 3GB of VRAM when it is maxed with 8xMSAA at that res. But you could always lower the textures resolution down to high or medium.

Example, this is GTA IV completely maxed at that res:

Name a game, and I will show what it really uses.
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