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Sorting files windows XP style? dead?

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1 year ago#1
Put simply, what's the folder option that sorts files just in the order that they are put in said folder? as in..the way old XP used to do it. "date modified" doesn't seem to be it since I JUST put a zip file in a folder and it sorted itself into the middle of the folder...really annoying.

I just want the files I put in now to be the first I see, going down in order to the last ones that were placed.

This is on windows 7, btw
1 year ago#2
right click on folder>sort by>date modified.
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1 year ago#3
water1111 posted...
right click on folder>sort by>date modified.

Did you even read what they said?
1 year ago#4
you probably need the registry fix that disables auto arrange.

there are a bunch of good things XP has over 7 and some programs i regularly use still refuse to work on 7 etc... so annoying they're stopping support.
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1 year ago#5
You can sort files by the date they were created, or the date they were (last) modified. I think this is the same as it was in XP!?

Edit: having checked, you can sort by many different properties. Right click on the headers and add the properties you want to be able to search by. Then just left click on the header - repeated clicking toggles between ascending and descending.
1 year ago#6
Your programs don't support 7, not the other way around. Either get new versions or tell them to update their crap.
1 year ago#7
You can add create date to the details headers.
Just switch to details mode, right click the header and choose date created.
If you choose More you can add even more stuff for sorting.
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