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Weird things you do while playing games?

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User Info: pozertron

2 years ago#111
I slap my leg with a nearby long object *the safe end of the knife usually* whenever i see a loading screen.
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User Info: JLKrombacher

2 years ago#112
If I am playing online competitive multiplayer I like to string together the most random words and belittle people while I am playing. Never, ever do I do this chat but rather just to myself out load in my own house. Even if I am getting my butt kicked.

When I played WoW. There was a few times while raiding I left my headset on and people heard the strange s*** I was saying. Not to my teammates but to random trash mobs I was in charge of tanking. I think it just helps me focus. This happened a lot in Karazhan and ICC.
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User Info: Sefyroth

2 years ago#113
Move and attack in time with the music I'm listening to.

User Info: Drakillion

2 years ago#114
In a multiplayer game, I find myself rubbing, licking and pressing my lips every time I die.

I usually play while standing up after 40 minutes of play for 15 minutes. It makes me feel not lazy haha

I tend to do commentary as if I wer in an LP when playing action-adventure games and RPG's after a good day. This kind of freaks me out because I'm talking to nobody but myself and I can't help it.

When I rage quit because my team mates in BF3 are a bunch of idiots, I always stand up, then quit the game.

When playing survival horror games, and when I know something bad's going to happen, I get closer to the tv, lean forward, give my best "death stare" and start pumping myself up by yelling profanities at the game in my mind. "**** you jump scare! I know you're there!" or "*****, get your uncanny valley ass out of here!"

When I die in an anticlimactic way, I usually make a small raspberry. You know, when you stick out your tongue, compress your lips and blow.

I rub my forehead with the back of my hand every time I lose in a fighting game.

Lastly, I sometimes make over exaggerated facial expressions depending on how I feel. Do I feel like a bad ass? Got that rage-inducing grin ready. Am I happy because I'm doing good? A big, toothy smile. Do I feel annoyed. Furrowed brows with pouty lips. WTF was that? Tilted head with, raised eyebrows with straigtened lips. That guy is pissing me off! The face of a killer.
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User Info: wh0_kn0ws

2 years ago#115
may not be weird, but i can't allow sunlight in the room when i'm playing
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User Info: Anthonny

2 years ago#116
I tend to flip coins to decide huge moral dilemmas. For example, in Mass Effect 3 I helped the Krogans even though I like Salarians more because I got tails instead of heads.
Whoomp! There it is.

User Info: renzsweet

2 years ago#117
Have a headset in one ear and listen to Christian talk radio while I play. And yes, I am serious.
I praise the name of Jesus.

User Info: EpicKingdom_

2 years ago#118
Pause game and touch myself while browsing adult websites on other monitor.

100% serious.
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User Info: Sc24life

2 years ago#119
JLKrombacher posted...
When I played WoW. There was a few times while raiding I left my headset on and people heard the strange s*** I was saying.

Haha, we need more story on this part!
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User Info: ssringo

2 years ago#120
I start out sitting normally in my chair. Over the course of my session I slide little by little down into the chair until I'm basically sitting on my back. The I realize it's not very comfortable, chastise myself for being a dork and go back to sitting like a normal person. Then repeat.
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