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AMD FX-6300 with GeForce GTX 750ti or i5 4670k with GeForce GTX760??

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2 years ago#31
NewportBox100s posted...
Nothing to say huh?

If you're going to cut corners, might as well cut everything.
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2 years ago#32
Is the R90 worth the 40 extra bucks compared to the 750ti?
2 years ago#33
I'd recommend getting an i3-4330 + GTX 760.

Should be able to find the i3 on sale for $125-130 and it will not bottleneck to unplayable FPS in anything.
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2 years ago#34
SinisterSlay posted...
NewportBox100s posted...
I'll be getting a 650 watt Corsair either way it goes. But a $300 difference, honestly I'm gonna go with the AMD build. I can sell it in a few years for 4 to 5 hundred bucks and use that to make a beastly intel then.

If your building your own why bother with AMD?
I've done the cheap AMD thing and regret it.

I went with cheaper AMD route and no regrets, so far I havent found game that wont run at all, FX-6300 is good CPU and overclocks well.

Only thing that doesnt run well are ps2/gc/wii emulators, but since I own all those consoles I have no need for it, plus many games are unplayable anyways, even on better hardware..
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2 years ago#35

2 years ago#36
NewportBox100s posted...


Pretty solid all around.
2 years ago#37
2 years ago#38
NewportBox100s posted...

Don't expect much over clocking on that motherboard. Just a forewarning.
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2 years ago#39
NewportBox100s posted...


I suggest you spend an extra 40$ on the M5A97 R2.0 version OP, I hear that board is prone to throttling since it doesn't have a heatsink on the VRMs.
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2 years ago#40
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