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Fable 3 was better than Skyrim IMO

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2 years ago#51
Bekness posted...
WyzeGye posted...
You're missing out. It's better than skyrim IMO

Haven't played that either.

Not as good as fable 3 IMO
2 years ago#52
My reaction to this topic voiced by Curly of the Three Stooges...

Oh.... A wyzeguy, eh?

Knuck, knuck, knuck, knuck....
2 years ago#53
Fable 3 sucked pretty hard.
2 years ago#54
killkount posted...
Fable 3 sucked pretty hard.

what reasons do you have for this? you stated it as fact, so I assume you have the appropriate resources to back your claim.
2 years ago#55
Nah, just deal with it.
2 years ago#56
your argument is invalidated. Bring it harder next time.
2 years ago#57
It was never an argument, sorry bruh.
2 years ago#58
Also, I have chicken wings cookin' in the oven. boom.
2 years ago#59
Teriyaki, BBQ, or screaming Hot?

those are listed worst to best as far as my opinion is concerned. God help you if you even think of saying Buffalo.
2 years ago#60

well, they're not screamin' hot, they're just regular hot.
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