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Tech help on an old Scumm game

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2 years ago#1
So I'm playing through DotT on ScummVM and I want to turn the voices off but when I use the ScummVM options menu the slider for voices also turns down the sound effects. I'm assuming I can go through the files and change some value to 0 but I'm asking if anyone knows exactly what I should be looking for before I try messing with anything.
2 years ago#2
Try looking for the manual and see if any buttons turn off vocals. Why would you want to do that anyway?
2 years ago#3
Because while the game is great, the vocals are merely ok. It's actually kinda distracting. I remember the original version I owned only had voice work for the opening cutscene and I want to go back to that.

Also, off-topic with my own topic but I don't want to clutter the front page with my scumm topics, but does anyone know the what the best version of Loom is? I finally got around to playing my Steam version which turns out to be a half assed port that I have zero interest in playing through. I heard the Amiga was the best (most complete) version but want to know what you guys think.
2 years ago#4
Lots of LucasArts SCUMM games has an option to turn off Voices and just have Text or have both Voice and Text. Check in game, not in the SCUMM program.

That said, you're the first person I know that prefers the disk version to an LA game to the CD version with full voice. I think LA's games have the best voice acting I've heard, although that's probably due to the fact they're a big company and can hire actual voice actors.
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2 years ago#5
Can't imagine playing this game without the voices. The games a classic. Definitely look for the manual, as the other poster said most of these games had the option to turn it off.
2 years ago#6
I'm at work and the manual is at home. I'll be sure to check it as soon as I can though. I glanced through it once but didn't notice anything relating to muting the voices.

I'm actually surprised so many people like the voice work in DotT. It's really not that good. It just sounds like people doing a voice into a mic rather than, you know, acting. It's not on par with the rest of the quality found in the game.
2 years ago#7
Wasn't it one of those games that had a floppy version without voices and a cd rom version with?
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2 years ago#8
Yep, the copy I owned as a kid must have been the disk version.
2 years ago#9
Well to be fair, I thought other LA games had better voice acting, such as Sam and Max Hit the Road. DoTT's decent enough though, but I don't hate it

I -think- the command is Alt+T for text and Alt+V for voice. You can try it anyway.
Max: "I think he just needs a hug, or a sharp blow to the head."
2 years ago#10
Ok, now that I'm home the manual doesn't say anything about this. Ctr+T does cycle through the options of text/voice/text+voice, but the same thing happens. Muting the dialogue also mutes the sound effects for some reason and the music is the only sound playing.
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