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Oldest game you have installed right now

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2 years ago#251
Pokemon Friend Safari - IGN: Percy | FC: 3754-7694-7724
Poison: Gloom, Ariados, Muk - Will add anyone!
2 years ago#252
Master of Magic
~ Smakit ~
2 years ago#253
Rome Total War.
i7 4770k @ 4.4 Ghz, Z87 Saber-tooth, GTX 780 SLI, 32 Gb RAM (1833Mhz), 500Gb SSD, 1TB HDD, Corsair RM1000, Corsair H100i
2 years ago#254
Castle of the Winds
2 years ago#255
2 years ago#256
3dsXLFC:4527-8023-5878 NNID/Ps3/Vita/Ps4Psn:Firerapier Gt:KishinDroopy Steam ID:Riskid.
"Insert pc specs which nobody will give a **** about here"
2 years ago#257
Commander Keen
2 years ago#258
shining force sceanrio 3
2 years ago#259
Leisure Suit Larry 7
3DS FC: 5214-9238-6137 PSN: Ghostface21119
NNID: Ghostface211
2 years ago#260
Team Fortress Classic.
MSI 660 GeForce 2GB | i5 3570K Phantek PH-TC14PE_BK | AsRock Z77 Pro3 | 1500GBs HDD | Ballistix 8GB | Corsair CX430
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