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Oldest game you have installed right now

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User Info: JPZetrick

2 years ago#301
The Movies - 2005
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User Info: KOOGAR

2 years ago#302
Tennis for Two: GOTY Edition
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User Info: Zombies101

2 years ago#303
I almost posted TES: Arena(1994) then I remembered I have a legitimate steam copy of Sonic the Hedgehog(1991) so that.
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User Info: BasilVZero

2 years ago#304
Left 4 Dead 2
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User Info: Nineteen99

2 years ago#305
Crysis - November 2007
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User Info: kobalobasileus

2 years ago#306
Fallout 1

User Info: lVlAtlZiX

2 years ago#307
GT: MAtRiX 757
PSN: MAtRiX_757

User Info: JYLE_BrH

2 years ago#308
Descent 2

User Info: Hooray4coraay

2 years ago#309
Outlaws 1997

User Info: jolll4

2 years ago#310
Lego rock raiders on my laptop
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