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Omfg I just saw the most beautiful woman ever! Pics inside

#11EpicKingdom_Posted 4/25/2014 9:31:39 PM
I would beat up TC if I saw him irl acting like this.

But then he'll go on a rampage.
#12CELTEKKPosted 4/25/2014 9:44:49 PM
what am I even looking at...
#13Orestes417Posted 4/25/2014 9:46:08 PM
Not what the title claims
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#14popping4itPosted 4/25/2014 9:56:54 PM
eew. youre like into 40 year old hags.
whens mahvel?
#15somebody336Posted 4/25/2014 9:58:35 PM
Uncanny lol
TBWNN's grumpy old man >:/
#16Cool_Dude667Posted 4/25/2014 10:17:42 PM
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#17LordOfLegaciesPosted 4/25/2014 11:36:52 PM
EternalNether posted...
LordOfLegacies posted...
Looks like a cross between Morgan from DragonAge and Katniss Everdeen.

I'm also seeing some Miranda from Mass Effect in there, but with slightly less ass.

That's funny I also thought of her.
Fun fact, Miranda's model and voice actress is also Hannah McKay in Dexter.
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Yep, sure f***ing showed me.
#18DarkZV2BetaPosted 4/25/2014 11:37:57 PM
Wow, how ugly.
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#19cynicwithin2000Posted 4/26/2014 2:27:44 AM
You need to go outside and meet real women TC if you honestly think a video game character is hot.
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#20Arucard05Posted 4/26/2014 3:13:39 AM
cynicwithin2000 posted...
You need to go outside and meet real women TC if you honestly think a video game character is hot.

Meh, I've found videogame characters attractive. They are designed to be idealized human forms, after all. Can't say I ever thought a videogame character was the most beautiful though. Especially not a ugg-beast like Bethany.
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