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has any game ever made you cry?

#41MizunoRyuuPosted 4/26/2014 4:07:26 AM
Final Fantasy VII Not just Aerith, but Cait Sith made me cry too.
Final Fantasy VI Cid dying, as well as Terra learning to love.
Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy when Tifa, Yuna, Lightning, Kain, Laguna and Vaan sacrificed their lives to give Cosmos' warriors a chance.

I honestly don't think I've ever cried at a non-FF game, to be honest.
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#42acrylick42Posted 4/26/2014 4:10:19 AM
jacob5622 posted...
Pokenub posted...
To The Moon

This. The ending is so happy/sad. Beautiful game.
#43thebladeofwoePosted 4/26/2014 4:13:58 AM
Hmm the writings from Lost Odyssey made me feel emotional a bit, and tbh, since having my son (who is 3) I feel more inclined to emotions as he is my heart and soul and anything with people having loved ones die (more so the young) affects me.

MGS series hits hard, especially the music pieces.

And FFX and 9 & 12.

Mass effect 1&2

Bah! To many to actually put, either way... games that can make your emotions come to life are the games that are made with proper stories and feelings.

Tl:dr no, but felt emotional over certain things.
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#44KismayazPosted 4/26/2014 4:19:39 AM
thatfool12Gs posted...
No offense, but anyone that said a game literally had them crying needs to go outside and experience life.

Yeah, same goes for anyone who enjoys any type of fictional media. Movies, Music, TV, Books, none of this is "experiencing life".... 0.o
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#45codyorrPosted 4/26/2014 4:24:03 AM
Fallout 3. It was so sad to see what Bethesda did to the series. I knew Fallout was over forever at that point.
#46GregiorpPosted 4/26/2014 4:29:24 AM
No I've never cried because of a video game but The Walking Dead got the most feels outta me.
#47KHfan67789Posted 4/26/2014 4:32:14 AM
Well...I am a big cry baby. I do get very emotional, especially for thing from my childhood. Kingdom Hearts 2, when Goofy got knocked on the head and they all though he died. Oh man, that was a rough day for me...
#48Binba442Posted 4/26/2014 4:36:49 AM
Layton 3
Slight tears for persona 4 and the walking dead...
And a nearly for mgs3. But I onew the story.
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#49OzzedPosted 4/26/2014 4:39:34 AM
The end of Telltale's The Walking Dead, many man tears. Dom's scene in Gears of War 3, no tears but got me upset enough I didn't play for a couple of days. Some of the notes in Lost Odyssey were pretty hard hitting emotionally as well.

Also FFVII as a kid was the first game I emotionally attached to, the usually stated scene had some tears running down my 12 year old face; that scene also made me finish the game and turned me to gaming. It's too bad I can't play it now and see it in the same light I did 17 years ago.
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#50LazerSight888Posted 4/26/2014 4:43:29 AM
Metal Gear Sold 4 made me cry from sheer nostalgia factor when snake revisits Shadow Moses with all the broken cameras and music from the first game and past codec conversation in form of echos and him saying "Just like old times" when he holds the USP handgun.
Okami made me sad inside but never cry but i was close too so did The Last of Us i was really pushed into crying but never did.