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Games that are like Rollercoaster/Zoo Tycoon?

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User Info: Darth_Kamcio

2 years ago#21
Theme Hospital is great. It has about the same qualities RCT had - a bit of (crude?) humour, freedom, all packed into the game's theme.

And I think it's more or less from the same gaming "era".
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User Info: Psythik

2 years ago#22
I can't believe no one's mentioned Ski Resort Tycoon. I wasted so many hours of my teenage years on that game.
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User Info: Arcadia__person

2 years ago#23
unclee posted...
Arcadia__person posted...
I find it really weird that it's so hard to find a game of the same genre and quality of Roller Coaster Tycoon. I'm with capgamer in a sense-- RCT is not my favorite series, but I've definitely never played anything in that genre that I feel comes close to it.

I don't get the dislike for RCT3 though. I think that game is easily on par with the rest of the series.

Probably because it ran like crap on pretty much everything when it was released, which soured a lot of people to the game. It runs fabulous on current hardware these days, but I remember back when it came out it was pretty terrible.

That makes sense. I don't think I played it very close to when it came out, so I just never ran into that.
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User Info: temgun

2 years ago#24
Banished and Tropico 4 are kinda similar in a way that if you like RCT, there's no reason you wouldn't like these two. There are not that many games like that anymore.

If you are okay with non-Steam games, check out The Movies. Very similar to RCT and I'd say it's even better than RCT.

User Info: MaxCHEATER64

2 years ago#25
NoLimits is great if you only care about the roller coasters, and are willing to put a LOT of time into perfecting one. It's used by actual rollercoaster engineers, and because of that it's very advanced.
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