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$600 budget. Need help building a decent gaming PC

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2 years ago#31
PhilOnDez posted...
You don't have to get an i3/6300 with your budget. I think the i3 would be plenty of power for the games you mentioned but an i5 is definitely in the cards. If you want to save a bit more money you can just drop down to a 4130 or similar (I wouldn't recommend the 4340)

My take on this build:

The 265 is just a shade slower than the 660 at worst, yet it's also about $40 cheaper than the one you suggested. Making the switch, along with a slightly cheaper case, nets the 8 gigs of RAM and a better mobo.
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2 years ago#32
So many builds. So many possibilities. Ahhhhh
2 years ago#33
Quick update. Now that I'm starting to buy the parts, I'm going to put an i5 4570 in it. It's on sale at my nearby micro center for $160 <3

Can somebody help me decide on a graphics card to go along with this i5, or should I stick with the MSI R9 270X?

And is this going to require a better power supply?

So far I think I got these sorted out. Will be buying soon.
2 years ago#34
As has been said, the 270X is a brute of a GPU and you can purchase it with confidence. If you're willing to spend more or manage to find one on sale for a price you like, the GTX 760 would be worth bumping up to, but if not, it's not something worth losing sleep over.

Won't require a better PSU, but a higher wattage unit will give you more headroom for future upgrades.
R.I.P. George Carlin (May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008)
The greatest comedian to ever grace the stage.
2 years ago#35
You should look into combo deals at your Microcenter. I got an i7+Z87m Extreme 4 for $80 off back in January, total was $340. EDIT: I didn't realize but you can't see local combo deals on their site, at least from what I can tell. So you'd probably have to go into their store, but they usually knock a good amount off for each additional product you buy, so if you got like a mobo, RAM, graphics card, etc. you'd save quite a bit. They do price-match certain places (I think local like Best Buy or such only though). Still worth checking into.

For your price-range, depending on how much you can stretch your budget or find deals, I'd go with an R7 265, R9 270X, or GTX 660. All of those are great options between $150-200 currently.

R9 270X for $180 after MIR:

Also, I'd personally recommend the Corsair CX-500 if you're wanting to save a bit. It's only $30 right now on Newegg after rebate:
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2 years ago#36
If you go with what I posted but save $80-100 on your mobo/CPU you should be able to fit a 760 or 280 into your build depending on your brand of preference ( the new nVidia beta drivers are pretty slick if you play DX11 games), you might have to stretch just a bit but if you can manage I'd highly recommend doing it. It would take you from decidedly mid-range to mid-high. Again, like the i3 I mentioned, a 270x/660 is probably all you would need to near-max the games you mentioned, but it's in your budget to get something better, especially if you can reuse your HDD.
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