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Any reason to go higher than a GTX 780 when gaming at 1080p?

#1Kyle1022Posted 4/27/2014 11:14:59 PM
I have a 660 right now, plan to upgrade to a 780 or wait for the 880 to get a 90-100% increase in frame rates. Any reason to go beyond that though, like a 780 Ti? From what I gather, the 780 Ti mainly serves as a card for people gaming at 1440p or higher, and there aren't many games (that I'm looking to play, anyway) that a 780 can't max at 1080p for the extra $200 to be worth it
#2KJay489Posted 4/27/2014 11:18:19 PM
Well it gives you the option to upgrade to a 1440p, which I would recommend at some point. Ever since I started gaming at 1440p I didn't wanna go back to 1080...I'm just saving up for a 4K rig now.
#3blax34dmPosted 4/27/2014 11:25:26 PM
Personally I think it makes more sense financially to get a 780 now and then if you want to upgrade to 1440/need more power to play games on high at 1080; just buy another 780 when they're cheaper.
#4Combo MasterPosted 4/27/2014 11:59:15 PM
There still are a few games you cannot max at 1080p at 60fps all the time with a gtx 780 ti with all the settings turn to the highest. Crysis 3,skyrim with max mods,gta 4 with max mods,Metro last night,Arma 3 and battlefield 4 off the top of my head.

I would go for the 1440p monitor though as maxing is pretty over rated and 1440p with lower settings looks better than 1080 p at higher settings imo. Also I believe you shouldn't spend 2 times plus the amount of your gpu than you do your monitor.
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#5DragnfyrPosted 4/28/2014 12:29:51 AM
You should definitely be able to max BF4 at 1080p with a 780. I can do it with my GTX 760 minus the AA and AO which cause occasional dips below 60
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#6popping4itPosted 4/28/2014 12:33:54 AM
any reason to go higher than a 780? dude its even a hard sell to go over a 760.
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#7josh_bPosted 4/28/2014 12:43:16 AM
I personally should have stuck with my 2 GTX 670's instead of 2 GTX 780ti's.... but just once in my life i wanted a kick ass system.

But honestly you don't have to run every game maxed out to enjoy them. The difference in graphics is not that big a deal anyway.
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#8NathanisDrakePosted 4/28/2014 1:30:33 AM
Only if you're made of money.
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#9Combo MasterPosted 4/28/2014 1:46:04 AM
popping4it posted...
any reason to go higher than a 780? dude its even a hard sell to go over a 760.

Not for 1440p which should be standard for pc gaming now. Or else console it imo.
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#10PhilOnDezPosted 4/28/2014 4:07:42 AM(edited)
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