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Titanfall seems to be causing me to get a BSOD

#1sonicteam2k1Posted 4/30/2014 8:53:07 AM(edited)
Not the first time something like this happens. First a while ago it was Raptr. Uninstalled it and BSOD goes away.

Install Origin and Titanfall and every time i play it it with either blue screen during gameplay or shortly after I exit the game. It causes all kinds of disc read errors and registry errors. So I run RegCleanrer Pro and then restart my PC and everything is fine. As long as I don't play Titanfall my PC runs fine. I've played a bunch of other games and none of them cause this.

Could it be Origin????

Edit: specs...

i5 3570K
R9 290X
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.
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#2popping4itPosted 4/30/2014 8:59:56 AM(edited)
TF is a fairly new game so it probably calls the most up to date api.

update your graphics drivers and mobo drivers.
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