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Need some upgrading advice...

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User Info: newPS3owner

2 years ago#1
These are my current specs.

MSI Z77A-G45 Motherboard
16gigs of ram
EVGA GeForce GTX 680+ 4GB w/Backplate

I want to upgrade my processor to an i7-3770k for all the new games coming out like Watch Dogs and Wolfenstien which their recommended specs require an i7. My question is, should I just go with the i7-3770k, a new mobo with a i7-4770k, or get a new graphics card. My main goal is to be able to run these games maxed out at 1080p/60fps on my tv.

Thanks for the help.
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User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

2 years ago#2
I'd wait til the games actually come out to see if you really need an i7.
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User Info: ocelot51

2 years ago#3
An i7 will not give you a meaningful performance boost for its price, especially if you are overclocking your i5.
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User Info: r0ge00

2 years ago#4
Sell your GPU and get a new one or just SLI if you want. Upgrading your CPU will do practically nothing in comparison.

User Info: fatali

2 years ago#5
Seriously doubt that wolfenstein is actually going to need an i7, I am sure this is like COD ghosts requirement of 8 GB of RAM, which was removed with a patch because it was not real.
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