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Unreal Tournament comeback?

#21Abiz_Posted 5/2/2014 7:34:35 PM(edited)
I hope it's more like UT2k4 instead of original UT this time. Honestly this is my favorite fps franchise I think they killed it when they chose the wrong side of the community to support. Also didn't help that they took a freaking month to fix server mod downloads... They should get Digital Extreme to pitch in some. Are they even around anymore?
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#22PsythikPosted 5/2/2014 8:15:18 PM
Like everybody else said, if it's not at least as good as UT2K4 then I'm not interested. UT3 was the biggest disappointment ever, especially since I paid full price. To make matters worse it was the first game I played on the very first rig I built.
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#23sn3akywafflesPosted 5/2/2014 8:26:45 PM
i just want onslaught on torlan

i will give both my legs for this since i dont need my lower body to play pc games
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#24xcvsfdPosted 5/2/2014 8:32:24 PM
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#25JhayCeePosted 5/2/2014 9:09:22 PM
I hope they learn from Call of Duty and put a lot of elements from it to this Unreal Tournament game.
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#26SgtInfinityPosted 5/2/2014 10:42:22 PM
it'd be cool to see it on steam
#27DarkZV2BetaPosted 5/3/2014 2:50:03 AM
k debonair posted...
DarkZV2Beta posted...
UT3 had ons. It was called Warfare,

if you can't tell the difference between ons and warfare, you're the definition of casual. please go back to the gears of war board.

They're pretty much the same thing. Warfare just had some improvements to help fix the horrible mess that was the original ons.
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#28MewonePosted 5/3/2014 2:56:55 AM
Oh wow. UT'99 was my favorite shooter ever.
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#29Dirk85UKPosted 5/3/2014 3:05:24 AM
I love all of the UT games. Even though it's all about military shooters now (CoD, BF) I'm surprised that Epic are making a UT game again. I'm definitely going to buy it. :)
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#30EpicKingdom_Posted 5/3/2014 6:46:08 PM
Sounds awesome. Use to always play on custom sniper servers for UT99. Such good relaxing times.