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How many you PC gamers only play PC games & no console gaming ? POLL

#11BeknessPosted 5/6/2014 7:16:23 PM
Mostly PC, though I play consoles. I was playing Banjo Kazooie on my N64 last night.
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#12randy_123rPosted 5/6/2014 7:42:06 PM
I play my PS4 and 360 as often as I play PC.
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#13Incendia_IntusPosted 5/6/2014 7:43:58 PM
I've always been a PC + Console person. However, I doubt I'll ever own a new console after my PS3. It's getting to the point that I feel consoles are just a waste of cash for what they offer: dumbed down more expensive games, paid online, and 1 or 2 exclusives.
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#14SlaynPosted 5/6/2014 8:07:51 PM
PC+3DS master race.
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#15-5xad0w-Posted 5/6/2014 8:40:15 PM
Not doing much console wise at the moment, but I game on anything that has at least 1 game I'm interested in and can't get otherwise.
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#16Blobs_Posted 5/6/2014 8:42:53 PM
If 3DS counts then I play on both. I also have PS3, but none of the recent exclusive games that have come out interest me in the slightest.
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#17DoramiPosted 5/6/2014 8:45:16 PM
I play mostly on handhelds. PS3 is my only console atm, but it's a glorified PSP download machine.
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#18ChetyrePosted 5/6/2014 8:48:51 PM
Have a PS3, but I boot it very rarely for the exclusives. Last games I played were Nier and Neptunia Victory.
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#19KidInTheHallPosted 5/6/2014 8:51:34 PM
60 console peasants voted , I wonder if all of those were some TC's votes?
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#20MackorovPosted 5/6/2014 9:12:32 PM
Hah, 64 console peasants detected. You're no longer part of the glorious master race if you have submitted to consoles!