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Anybody else find it impossible to be "wowed" by games anymore?

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2 years ago#31
Lol, every time Larry has to deal with Jeff's wife is gold. That is a good show for sure.
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2 years ago#32
Nope. I've been wowed by everything I've seen about Divinity: Original Sin, for example.
2 years ago#33
I like most of my games. Love, on the other hand, or being wowed, that's rarer.
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2 years ago#34
Flying the plane in Wii Sports resort still wows me, even after 3-4 years.
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2 years ago#35
I think the last game to really WOW me was that little game they snuck into the Orange box without telling anyone.

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2 years ago#36
I get wowed pretty often actually. With games like The Division on the horizon I suspect there will always be something to get me revved.
2 years ago#37
Just bought The Last of Us and I was wowed that it looks pretty good on the PS3.
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2 years ago#38
I'm always being impressed by games. I've been gaming since Super Mario Bros 1 and it only gets more awesome. The new Wii U Mario game turned out really awesome, at first it seemed kind of so-so, like a step back from Mario Galaxy, but playing it really won me over. There's a ton of games that I've played in the last few years that have blown me away. There are also some great indie games out there that are doing something you aren't gonna see in a big budget game, such as A Hat In Time, Nekro, Wasteland 2, and then I'm really looking forward to the follow up to Torment whenever that gets started.

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2 years ago#39
Minecraft on a private, dedicated server with a close group of friends is the last game to "wow" me. So much fun.
Kelemvor Lyonsbane
2 years ago#40
Last game to "wow" me was Kerbal Space Program. So, pretty recent actually.
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  3. Anybody else find it impossible to be "wowed" by games anymore?

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