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How well can the PC emulate the PSP?

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2 years ago#1
Can't be any worse than the PS2 I assume? I have a more than capable rig, but it struggles to run some PS2 games simply because the emulators aren't yet perfected. How about PSP games?
2 years ago#2
What's a "more" capable rig. My 3570k gtx680 doesn't struggle with ps2 emulation nor PSP
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2 years ago#3
4770k with GTX 660. The only issues are with the emulator itself, such as certain textures being buggy or not showing up etc
2 years ago#4
Most games will work.

I have a meh PC, And I run it very well.

Use PPSSPP though.
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2 years ago#5
Thank you. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting time before I begin to amass a bunch of games for it
2 years ago#6
Legally? Just kidding. May the ROM be with you!
2 years ago#7
PsP emulation is a joke and any modern pc can handle it its far less taxing then ps2 emulation is.
2 years ago#8
Its really game dependent. Some will run like crap no matter what.
2 years ago#9
Instead of making a new topic I thought I'd ask in this one. What about Dreamcast games?
2 years ago#10
The emulator is a bit annoying to get working at first but after that most games run fine.
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