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Looking for a new unique indie game

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User Info: falcon182

2 years ago#1
So lately after selling my PS3 I've been back into PC gaming, and so far I've extremely enjoyed games like Bastion, Braid and Gaucamelle. Granted I spend most of my time on PC playing Dark Souls 2; but after discovering The Swapper my appreciation for indie games has skyrocketed. That anxiety provoking loneliness, brain twisting puzzling, pretty cool storyline, and full metroidvania experience, I have to say it's the greatest indie game I've ever played.

I'm hoping someone could suggest something new and fresh to inject into that line-up, something that might wow me like the swapper, or even just ejoyable and original like Bastion. I enjoy puzzles if they're done well, but genre isn't as important as the experience. Something to break up the monotony from rage quitting Dark Souls 2 pvp often enough :).

User Info: HungryDog

2 years ago#2
Transistor from the same studio that brought you Bastion.....
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User Info: Boge

2 years ago#3
Mark of the Ninja

User Info: sonic_man00

2 years ago#4
Dust:An Elysian Tail is fun.

Papo & Yo is Journey 2.0. Everything Journey should have been.
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User Info: alsroboshack

2 years ago#5
its like Myst meets FEZ.
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User Info: Hagan

2 years ago#6
have you seen Steam lately???? theres a whole page for indie crap
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User Info: Animorganimate

2 years ago#7
Definitely Mark of the Ninja for one of the best stealth/platforming games around; FTL for a great spaceship-based rogue-lite experience; Don't Starve for a great nature/survival romp; and obviously Mount & Blade: Warband for the best medieval RPG in town (I love throwing Warband in just to ruffle all those feathers who say it's not an indie, when it technically is).
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User Info: xcvsfd

2 years ago#8
Cart Life
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User Info: arleas

2 years ago#9
xcvsfd posted...
Cart Life

That's a freebie now. The guy decided he didn't want to keep updating it so he pulled it off steam and made it free.

User Info: Smkvttslzzt

2 years ago#10
I had a lot of fun with Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.
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