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Burial at Sea DLC worth it for...$20?

#1XialohPosted 5/8/2014 5:19:50 PM(edited)
I didn't buy either episode because the price seemed high given that I heard it was short (same goes for The Last of Us DLC, which I may never find on sale tbh). Is it worth it at this price? I liked Infinite if that matters, but I hear this game takes place in Rapture.

Edit: Wait, the season pass is $19.99 and includes both of these. All these months later and that's still the best value. I remember now that I was hoping for a sale on THAT.

Has that season pass been on sale at any point >_>?
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#2daemon_danPosted 5/8/2014 5:20:05 PM
It does take place in rapture. I got the season pass for like 10 bucks on sale at some point. Wait till the summer sale and see if it goes on sale
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#3Xialoh(Topic Creator)Posted 5/8/2014 5:20:52 PM
$10? Was that from Steam? Either way, that settles this matter. Maybe I'll just go ahead and buy Day Z.
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#4SlaynPosted 5/8/2014 5:27:44 PM
I don't think I paid $20 for the whole game.
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#5DiviDudePosted 5/8/2014 5:34:22 PM
I got the season pass for $5 during the Winter sale on Steam. I've only played through Episode 1 and it's... not good. (And I generally enjoyed Infinite.) Can't say whether the second episode is better or not.
#6CatToyPosted 5/8/2014 5:47:08 PM
Second episode is a pretty big departure from Bioshock Infinite. While it takes place in rapture, it has a heavy emphasis on stealth, your only two weapons being a revolver and a crossbow with multiple times of arrows. You get powers that help your stay out of sight, and you'll generally stay in the shadows.
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#7RosencroitzPosted 5/8/2014 6:38:33 PM
I quite enjoyed both DLC stories, they're fairly short, but solid.
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#8ShadowThaReaperPosted 5/8/2014 6:39:23 PM
#9revolverPosted 5/8/2014 6:51:40 PM
Episode 1 is OK but overall pretty disappointing while episode 2 is pretty good. They're definitely worth buying if you want more Bioshock but at this point I would pay $10 or less.
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#10Hi CPosted 5/8/2014 7:28:26 PM
Episode 1 is trash. Episode 2 is ok but is even more predictable than the main game seeing how it takes place hours before the events of Bioshock 1..