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How can I cut down the price of this rig?

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2 years ago#1

Atleast $1000 - $1100 range without cutting performance.
2 years ago#2
You could use the stock intel cooler or a cheap heatsink instead of the water cooler. Also you can use a cheaper board, since the CPU isn't unlocked. Also, you could use a blue or green WD HDD. Also What do you need a DVD drive for? PSU doesn't need to be as high watts as that.
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2 years ago#3
You have a non overclockable CPU, why even bother with the water cooler?

Same with the motherboard, if you are not going to overclock, a Z87 motherboard is a waste.

You won't run games or programs faster using a expensive motherboard compared to a cheap motherboard.
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2 years ago#4
Agreed with Fatali on not needing an aftermarket cooler, and an OCing motherboard is completely usless with that CPU. You also don't need a 750W PSU. And the 770 you chose is overpriced by like $70.
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2 years ago#5

I left the h60 in there since there wasn't a price for it, but yes, take it out.
2 years ago#6

This is a start, but you can't easily have an i5/770 build with a 90 dollar OS and 120 dollar monitor included in the price
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2 years ago#7
If you want you could get a cheaper motherboard, but the one you have is pretty good as it is.

You could opt for cheaper ram like this:

The logitech G105 keyboard isn't really needed, you could get any cheap keyboard and it have more or less the same functionality. You could also omit getting this keyboard for now, then get a nicer, mechanical keyboard later on.

You could get a lower wattage power supply like this:

it would be just as good, and still leaves a bit of room for upgrading.
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2 years ago#8

So there's a $100 off and better than your build.

And there's ~$200 off.

The first one is nicer.
2 years ago#9
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