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My sister spilled water on my laptop keyboard.

#21codyorrPosted 5/10/2014 9:47:40 PM
Ok Gamefaqs. You win.
#22WyzeGyePosted 5/12/2014 4:30:34 PM
That's what we at GameFAQs do... we win.
#23CllerjPosted 5/12/2014 4:34:33 PM
At least it's water cooled now.
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#24ThescyyPosted 5/12/2014 7:33:05 PM
Loshadt posted...
WyzeGye posted...
that's his sister, you sicko. Have some respect.

That only makes it hotter.

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#25BeratingPosted 5/12/2014 11:36:00 PM
i have a brutal lashing video if anyone wants to see
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#26PokenubPosted 5/12/2014 11:39:03 PM
Put it in a bag of rice and hope there's a nearby Asian to fix it.
Damn it.. I swear I had something for this..
#27Cruzader619Posted 5/12/2014 11:59:15 PM
is she hot?
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#28schadowPosted 5/13/2014 12:20:33 AM
You could say that your keyboard got... waterboarded.
MageofBlood391 posted...
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