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Having trouble telling the difference between front and back sounds with new...

#1Whitemike20052Posted 5/11/2014 11:20:28 PM
headphones and sound card.

Im not sure how precise a games sound can be, but im sure its better than what im getting now.

I got a new pair of Q701 headphones and a Xonar Ds soundcard.

Left and right sounds are fine, its just hard to tell if an explosion for example came from the front or the back.

It throws me off in Battlefield and other shooters. ****, just about every game.

I am just asking for too much?

If i set the sound to Headphones, front and back sounds sound nearly identical in my Xonar Audio Center. If i set it to 7.1, the sounds space out more but then the back sounds are alot more muffled and i can hardly hear them. Tinkering with the virtual speaker shifter just gets aggrivating because they dont stick to the same points every time you move them.

Any ideas, suggestions?
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