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Some help understanding system requirements

#1emilieautumn08Posted 5/11/2014 11:36:43 PM
So I was planning on getting Deus Ex Human Revolution but the requirements are looking a little to high for my machine in some fields and way below in others. The requirements on mac (yes, I have a mac, no, the mac board is dead, always dead, so i post here) are:

Processor: 2.0 GHz,
Graphics: 256MB

And my specs are:

Processor: 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5
RAM: 4gb 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 1024 MB

So, the question is, will the game run with my specs? If so, how choppy?
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#2josh_bPosted 5/12/2014 12:53:56 AM

unplayable to me. if you have a console.... get it for that.
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