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Who else is hyped for Watch Dogs at the end of the month?

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2 years ago#31
No cause uplay
2 years ago#32
Looks very boring to me and the art style/extreme realism is an immense turn off.
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2 years ago#33
Pre-ordered last week. No expectations really. The graphics look meh and its not the type of game I normally play (GTA5 bleh) but its worth a shot. I refuse to continue to let my PS4 be a 400 dollar paper weight.
2 years ago#34
why would you buy a system if it didn't already have the games to justify the purchase
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2 years ago#35
No. I don't like hyping myself up for stuff. 9/10 times it's not going to live up to the hype and disappointment ensues.

I like going in without much information and be pleasantly surprised if it's actually good. If it's crev; I can just brush it off because I wasn't hyped for it anyway.
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2 years ago#36
I would love to play it but they decided to release it at 59.99 which means I won't buy it until its at least 1.99.
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2 years ago#37
I will buy the deluxe edition when it get to 66% off, or 80% if them go dlc frenzy like sleeping dogs/saint row.
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2 years ago#38
Looked pretty dull from day one.
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2 years ago#39
I am definitely picking up Watch Dogs when the price drops down to $20.00 USD.
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2 years ago#40
I already pre purchased it on steam. Looks good to me.
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  3. Who else is hyped for Watch Dogs at the end of the month?

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