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how is this PC from NewEgg (looking to upgrade after 7 years)

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2 years ago#1
mainly want to play GW2 and Wildstar as high as possible but stay below $1200 (lower if possible)

right now in GW2 i have to go to lowest performance while in world vs world (and if more than 15 people in the pve world start casting )

in wildstar all my settings are set to low/medium with no shadows

let me know what you think and if you know of a better suggestion

thanks :)
2 years ago#2
Overpriced for what is in it, but it'll do what you want from it
2 years ago#3
Wildstar beta chugs on my PC (OCd 3570k and 670 get 20-25 fps in towns with very high settings but not maxed, but it's still beta of course, not sure how much it will improve though) so that one definitely won't max it. The difference between max and medium isn't that big though and medium runs quite well on lower end stuff.

I don't remember what settings I used in GW2 but it ran extremely well so it shouldn't be a problem.

For $1200 though you could easily get an unlocked i5 or Xeon and a 780, probably even a 4770k though I don't know what prices are like atm. Devil's Canyon parts also release soon, if you have any interest in overclocking I'd wait a few weeks and jump on that, and I don't see OEMs having them at a reasonable price anytime soon.
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2 years ago#4
You might have trouble putting a upgraded video card down the road. Al's read that the mother board only has a 24 connector for the PSU that might make things if want to expand.
2 years ago#5
overclocking has always worried me since i've never tried it before..
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