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Getting banned on steam.

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User Info: Garudin

2 years ago#11
Monkeymage posted...
Garudin posted...

so you go to your CC company for them to basically take back the money by force at least electronically anyway.

No. A chargeback is a request to your credit card's issuing bank to dispute the charge. They will award you a temporary amount in the amount of the disputed transaction while they investigate. Ultimately the Association (VISA, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover) decides whether or not you get the money permanently.

(doing a charge back also negatively effects your Credit Rating)

False. It does nothing to your credit rating.

I worked credit card disputes for a large payment processor for a number of years, and I was a Subject Matter Expert that worked directly with the Associations.

Thanks for clearing that up then how I said it was how it was explained to me from a couple different people that at the time I thought knew what they were talking about.
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User Info: Cool_Dude667

2 years ago#12
SpazH3d posted...
Isn't it stupid to lock you out of buying games if you're banned? Banning a person for being an ass or a scammer is fine, but why would they refuse your money?

So they don't get charge-backed again.
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