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Which browser do you use most?

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2 years ago#41
Safari on my phone probably makes up 75% of my browsing. I use chrome 99+% of the time on my desktop and IE on my laptop.
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2 years ago#42
chrome master face people
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2 years ago#43
Used Firefox for a long time but switched to Chrome a few years back after I kept getting errors with Firefox. Now I exclusively use chrome with my home/work/phone.
2 years ago#44
Chrome but I have TPBB and Tor installed in case Chrome kicks the bucket for some reason.
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2 years ago#45
I use Firefox and it is pissing me off that they are doing everything they can to look like Chrome. It's a sad day when I have to install an add-on just to make Firefox look and act like Firefox.
2 years ago#46
I'm a mess of browsers everywhere. Chrome on laptop. Firefox/Safari on desktop. Safari on phone. IE at work (because I'm forced to).

I'm just starting to switch over to Chrome, and I do like it. I might make it my default everything browser eventually. But, I doubt it.
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2 years ago#47
Pale Moon.
2 years ago#48
Pale moon because privacy, open source and one of the last holdouts on DRM.
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