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Are Tablets worth it?

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2 years ago#1
I'm not sure I entirely understand their use.

I know that the default answer is "Well then you don't need one," but I'm mobile a lot on my new job and am trying to decide between a tablet vs. a laptop to see if I can figure out which is better.

What are the strengths/weaknesses of each?
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2 years ago#2
They're good for media consumption but if you want to actually use one for multitasking applications or doing heavy workloads on then get a Laptop.
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2 years ago#3
I spent a bit over $200 on a 2013 Nexus 7, and it's mostly used for web browsing, Netflix (LOTS of Netflix), YouTube watching in bed, and a handful of games when I'm away from home and bored (Mostly because the larger screen suits some games a lot better than my phone).

They're nice for a larger mobile browsing device, especially since a lot of times you can view the "Desktop" version of websites with ease. But mostly my usage of it is for entertainment and lounging around the house when I don't want to sit at my computer.

Unless you plan on getting a small keyboard and hooking it up, I can't imagine doing any extensive typing or data processing on a tablet. Ultimately, at least in my experience, usage has come down to it can do just a bit more than my Smartphone, with the added bonus of a large screen.
2 years ago#4
It's great to have a tablet handy whenever you're travelling. Like others I only use my Samsung Galaxy Tab for multimedia purposes. It helped me get through during jury selection or waiting at the DMV.
2 years ago#5
iPr0kkaFTW posted...
It helped me get through during jury selection or waiting at the DMV.

Coincidentally, that's EXACTLY what I used mine for recently.

Jury duty in a small town...Didn't even get called and ended up sitting there reading comics and playing games that don't require sound. >_>
2 years ago#6
Tablets are more portable but they are very simplified and minimal, it's like a very light version of PC, but they are more convenient as portable devices. Laptops are basically portable PCs, they are a lot more useful but because they are bigger and heavier than tablets they may not be very convenient to use outside home unless you are using them in offices.

Personally, I use desktop PC at home, laptop at work, smartphone when I'm outside. For me, there is no use for a tablet.
2 years ago#7
Sorry for if my questions are dumb, but I really appreciate the help.

Do tablets have much in the way of storage? Say, if I wanted to save stuff onto it I could use later when I didn't have internet?
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2 years ago#8
Depends on what you get exactly. A lot of decent tablets have at least 16GB built in, with some having MicroSD card slots as well (Which depending on what standard the device allows, could let you add at least 32-64GB of storage).

The Nexus 7 I've got has 16GB built in, and there is a 32GB model available. Sadly no SD card slot on this one, but 16GB has been enough for what I use it for...Plus I can connect an SD card reader for photos or videos.
2 years ago#9
Windows 8 tablets are worth it, especially if you want to do more than consume media. They're just laptops in tablet form.

iOS/Android tablets are not. Unless you only want to use them as expensive Facebook machines and not much else.
2 years ago#10
Hmm. Another few dumb questions:

-Is there any possible way for me to load up movies/shows on Netflix so I can watch them when I don't have internet, or is streaming my only option?

-Are there any good games on tablets?

-Do they make decent e-readers/have a good selection of books?
video games are for children
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