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How many mouse buttons is enough for you?

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1 year ago#21
4 is enough for me since I usually only find one of the side buttons comfortable on most 5 button mice.

I too own G600 for MMOs that love to pile on the skills.

For the most part any 5 button mouse + my Merc Stealth cover anything I play though.
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1 year ago#22
6,523,195 buttons. Obviously.
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1 year ago#23
The more buttons on your mouse the better you can be at video games.
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1 year ago#24
2 and wheel is enough for me. I never middle-click.
1 year ago#25
6 or 7 would be nice (Left Click, Middle Click, Right Click, 2 left-side buttons, and 1 or 2 right-side buttons) but I have a 5-button mouse (still better than 3-button mice that I use to use all the time).
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1 year ago#26
Mine has 8, but I only use LMB, RMB, MMB, and Back. I never use Forward, for whatever reason.
1 year ago#27
I've been a fan of the 5 button mouse since the MX-518 days... and I know technically it's got 8 buttons, but two of the 3 buttons are just for changing the DPI on the fly and the last one I never use (except once accidentally where it made all of my windows do this funky thing which kinda scared me)
1 year ago#28
One is "enough". I prefer five but one is enough.
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1 year ago#29
I like having 5. The basic config but with two thumb buttons conveniently placed. It's nice having a few extra buttons for push to talk, grenades, toggle crouch, macros etc etc. But stuff like the naga just looks terrible and I would always accidentally press buttons.
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1 year ago#30
arleas posted...
I've been a fan of the 5 button mouse since the MX-518 days

That's my current mouse. Mine's probably nearing on a decade old at this point.
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