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Will Day Z actually be good when it finally comes out?

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User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

2 years ago#1
Been watching Day Z for years now, since it's been in beta/alpha forever. Everyone knows about it, the concept is interesting, there's been books and stories, bla bla bla.

A lot of people call the game Deathmatch Z now, which sounds like a big waste of time. You spend a lot of time getting things and then boom, you die.

I've played some Mine Z though which is about the same, except without guns (bows) and in Minecraft. The zombies are just as buggy and awful too! I assume Minecraft has a younger playerbase as the names are generally awful and in lowercase, so basically there is no cooperation whatsoever and it's a deathmatch that takes forever to gear up on.

It's pretty fun with people you know, but weh.

But yeah, random junk aside. Topic title, preferably from people playing the alpha/beta/whatever it's on now.

Or anything about any Day Z inspired games, like that weird one where you can break walls and place mines and the zombies suck ass during the day. That one's probably still in alpha too. Boo.
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User Info: Lemur_H

2 years ago#2
An interesting concept, but flawed because humans are always going to s*** where they eat.

User Info: Voelger

2 years ago#3
I was thinking about this. I think it won't be that fun because it is being developed from feedback from a hardcore fan base. The game should be more casual friendly- the controls are a little too clunky
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User Info: AsucaHayashi

2 years ago#4
i'd like to see one of these things actually become a finished product.
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User Info: TropicMoon10

2 years ago#5
Isn't the game still in alpha? Development seems painfully slow for a game based on a 2 year old mod.

User Info: pwnater777

2 years ago#6
How is it not even in beta testing yet? This is getting ridiculous and I can't believe people still support the idea.
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User Info: LMTTN

2 years ago#7
I feel like by the time DayZ or one of these other survival sandboxes like Rust or 7 Days to Die is actually finished and released, the hype surrounding the genre will have seriously died down.
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User Info: Damaged7

2 years ago#8
For DayZ to any good they need to ditch the engine they're on and get something else. It just doesn't work on the Arma 2 engine. Might as well fix it and start anew then keep trying to pour perfume on the steamy pile that is Dayz.
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User Info: mycousinvinnie

2 years ago#9

User Info: thatfool12Gs

2 years ago#10
Bohemia has grossed over 60 million in sales for Arma 3 alone, so they def have the resources to make the game great.

Bohemia's downfall will always be their poorly running, crap FPS engine.
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