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GTX 560 ti for $110 worth it?

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User Info: davidaaronk

2 years ago#1
Currently rocking an ATI 5770
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User Info: jedinat

2 years ago#2
Not really. Save a bit more and get a modern card.

User Info: jedinat

2 years ago#3
To put it in perspective, I payed $150 almost 3 years ago for a card at about the same performance level.

User Info: Snadados

2 years ago#4
Not really.
A 750 or 750ti should cost about the same, be more powerful, far more power efficient and run much cooler.
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User Info: Cllerj

2 years ago#5
Save another 140 and get a 760.
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User Info: jacob5622

2 years ago#6
For the performance upgrade at that price? Not worth it.
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User Info: cody4783

2 years ago#7

Oddly I just upgraded from a 5770 and acquired two 560TI's (EVGA, 448 core ones) for $100 after shipping from a friend. Only using one however, since I don't have a second PCI-E slot.

Personally I know damn well I'm CPU bottlenecked, but I'm still noticing *some* performance improvements in games. Plus, and I don't want to start anything with this, but at least being able to get updated drivers is a plus.

The newest drivers for the 5770 were from like, March of 2013, and as such BF4 b****ed at me every time I played it because my drivers were 8 months older than the game.

Ultimately, don't expect a whole hell of a lot and it may not really be worth it for that card at that price. You'd almost be buying it just to be switching to Nvidia and/or getting something slightly newer that still has some limited driver support, if that's anything to you.

User Info: anonymous4ever

2 years ago#8
Hell I'm still running a 560ti. Still runs the majority of games I want to play at acceptable performance levels. *shrugs*. I'll upgrade eventually but haven't seen the need yet.

User Info: ToastyOne

2 years ago#9
Um, weren't the 400/500 geforce series having problems with drivers past 314.22?

User Info: WerdnAndreW

2 years ago#10
I think that is fixed now.
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