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Do you feel there is any way to justify pirating a game?

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  3. Do you feel there is any way to justify pirating a game?

User Info: KushnPurps

2 years ago#1
If so, what reason? No money? Bad title? Shady publisher?

User Info: cody4783

2 years ago#2
The only justification I can give is to "Test" a game that doesn't have a Demo or lacks a demo that is properly representative of the game. And, this only applies to the PC market, where a game can simply not work on your system for a slew of various reasons.

And before people jump my s***: I'm saying this is one possible justification, not that it somehow makes it "OK" to go out and pirate everything you see just to say you're "Testing" it.

User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

2 years ago#3
Originally free

A new company buys the rights and sells for money years later without changing anything to the game
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

2 years ago#5
It's not like the pirate stole a physical copy that took manpower to make.

User Info: Vs1991

2 years ago#6
Too old that even if you find it to buy, you know none of the money is going to the devs or publisher
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User Info: more_cow_bell

2 years ago#8
because you can
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User Info: Blarghinston

2 years ago#9
if you bought the game and it got leaked

User Info: strongo9

2 years ago#10
No longer available.

or EA.
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  3. Do you feel there is any way to justify pirating a game?

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