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Is an Asus X550C laptop worth $439.99?

#1TehPwnzererPosted 6/4/2014 7:31:06 PM
Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8GHz
15.6" display
Windows 8

It's a factory refurbished product so I'm skeptical.
#2Garage_ManPosted 6/4/2014 7:38:20 PM
That all depends on what you are going to do with it?
#3TehPwnzerer(Topic Creator)Posted 6/4/2014 7:55:42 PM
I'm really just interested if the specs are worth the money or not. There's no particular purpose for this laptop. browsing, watching HD video, music, indie gaming, the casual sort of thing.
#4BannedMomPosted 6/4/2014 7:57:53 PM
Casual gaming, it is ok but for 440 bucks? Not really.

I would just up my budget to 550' and get a 840m and an i3. And it wont be a refurb.
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