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I own 300+ games on Steam, circa 200 on GOG and at least 20 on origin, but...

#1samuraigaidenPosted 6/6/2014 10:09:06 PM
...right now, I only have CounterStrike GO installed and that's all I play. What does that make me?
#2CatToyPosted 6/6/2014 10:12:03 PM
A Counter Strike fan.
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#3GoIrish80Posted 6/6/2014 10:12:34 PM
Overly concerned with free hard drive space.
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#4MortalDangerPosted 6/6/2014 10:14:20 PM
Both of those lol
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#5ggf162Posted 6/6/2014 10:47:06 PM
Pretty normal
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#6Garage_ManPosted 6/6/2014 11:36:15 PM
Could be worse. I have about that many and never Olay them. I almost just use my Vita for gaming now apart from a ps3/4 release. My PC sits dormant but I'd like to change that....SLI 780 TI cards and they get use in Maya and Photoshop with some Unity lol.
#7GjainPosted 6/6/2014 11:39:11 PM
pc gaming = finished.
#8josh_bPosted 6/7/2014 2:02:31 AM
I have probably over a 400 titles that I never play and half of them ive never installed.

All I play is CS:GO, Rust,and Titanfall on the odd occasion. My gaming habits have severely slowed down the past months.
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#9VandelayIncPosted 6/7/2014 2:36:07 AM
a game hoarder. welcome to the club.
#10itzzsinnedPosted 6/7/2014 7:42:26 AM
A person who likes really bad games. Easily the worst Counter-Strike game to date, it doesn't even deserve to be in the Counter-Strike franchise. I would honestly rather play Condition Zero with an Icy Hot pack taped to my genitalia than play CSGO.