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Do any of you appreciate consoles?

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1 year ago#11
I love Nintendo's games
Super Mario Kart is the single best Mario Kart ever!
1 year ago#12
I've been having fun playing MK8 and NSMBU with my nephew this week.
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1 year ago#13
Yep. As long as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, the WWE games and other console exclusives stay console exclusive, I'll appreciate them. I don't own any right now but I'll get a PS4 eventually.
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1 year ago#14
I like some of the games that show up on consoles, but the consoles themselves are usually crap in terms of quality.
The last console I bothered to buy was the PS2 and really, nothing from the consoles since then has been tempting enough for me to want to buy a console just to play it.

If a flood of totally awesome games (to me, I don't give a s*** if reviewers gave it a 9.7 out of 10) came out for one console, I'd buy that console. Instead I tend to see one "Console exclusive" on each console that might interest me and that's about it. I just find that more of the games I'm likely to play are on PC as well as console, and I already HAVE the PC.
1 year ago#15
gamezrochard posted...
I myself enjoy my 400$ laptop I recently purchased. Apparently it was good for games because it runs everything on high quality

can i get a link?

i'd be interested in a $400 laptop that runs everything on high quality.
1 year ago#16
I still play consoles, but upgraded my PC recently and have been playing games in 2160p and 1440p at 60fps. I find myself going and playing fps and mmos on PC most and usually single player games on consoles.
1 year ago#17
I don't like consoles that much anymore. If I could, I would avoid getting them, but there are certain games that only come out on console now (GTA5 is the most recent case of this) so I have to get at least one. I can play any multi-platform game on my PC and it runs a lot more smoothly, and has mod support.

I'll have to get a PS4 for The Phantom Pain, but I'm holding out hope it comes to PC. Historically, this has not been the case, but who knows? Kojima has said he's open to making it for PC.

Oh, and one of my friends doesn't have a PC. He and I like playing co-op games, and I can't really do that with him in person on a PC. Consoles are nice for that kind of pick up and play co-op experience
1 year ago#18
I'm currently supply teaching for High Schools so I go to a lot of different schools and talk to a lot of different kids, and when video games come up I keep having the same conversation with kids who say they don't see any point in a XB1 or PS4 because they can get all those games on PC. But a lot of them have a WiiU has well. I know that high schools in eastern Ontario aren't necessarily representative of the whole world but I find it interesting that so many kids I talk to take the "Nintendo + PC" approach to gaming
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1 year ago#19
Yes, I do like consoles, I just haven't played on them since one of the components on my TV setup broke about a month ago. I've been planning to take a look at it but have been a bit too busy.
1 year ago#20
Nintendo handhelds are something every gamer should have experienced at some point of their gaming career. The games are something you don't (legitly) get for the pc and are surely worth your time.
Other than that the consoles offer the chance to play locally splitscreen multiplayer which is a lot easier to pick up than to hold a lan party with a half a dozen pc:s.
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