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wanna get some input on a few things

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2 years ago#1
Went over to help my friends grand parents get a new laptop at bestbuy. Got one picked out, and got back to their house. They wanted their stuff transferred from their 6 year old compaq desktop. They said though that there was a problem with the computer, and I could see that as I turned it on. You can get to the user sign in screen, but after you select the user you want, it will act like windows is loading (they were using windows 7) but after about a min the entire screen just goes black. Now you can CTRL+ALT+DEL and bring up task manager, and there are no applications running, and all the services and processes running seem like the ones that my PC uses. Just wondering if anyone had any idea as to what the issue there was.

Second thing I was curious about, is that do the name brand companies purposfully make it hard as hell to take components out of the computer? We went back to bestbuy and I had them get a external enclosure kit. I opened up the computer and it was a real **** trying to get to that HDD! Basically it came down to us using sheet metal cutters to rip the metal housing unit for the disc drive and HDD drive out of the PC, cause it had these weird screws that no screw driver they had would fit!
2 years ago#2
Pre built companies don't trust the average consumer to service their own machines, so some make it hard to do so you have to send it to them for possibly overpriced technical support
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2 years ago#3
In Task Manager, you could go to the File menu, then New process (or whatever the option is called), then try to run explorer.exe manually.
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2 years ago#4
ah good to know! also it was a slimline format desktop.

All's good now, they really didn't have anything other than their itunes stuff they wanted transferred, and that was backed up to icloud, so other than them having to put a few CD's in the drive to rip to the new laptop they are set
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