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Does PC have any AAA quality exclusives that justify sticking to PC only gaming?

#11LvthnPosted 6/7/2014 11:23:15 AM
GGscrub posted...
Lvthn posted...
Question, why are exclusives the justification you need?

Well, obviously this thread is directed to PC only gamers.

From a quick look PC exclusives look pretty lackluster, hence my curiosity on why any gamer would limit himself to PC only games.

No gamer limits himself to PC exclusives. That's why I'm asking why such a ridiculous question is even being raised. This isn't a Nintendo board, you aren't going to find one-company fanatics here.
#12That1GuyyPosted 6/7/2014 11:23:38 AM
The topic title's logic is so backwards it blows my mind. PC exclusives being good only has bearing on whether you actively PC game or not. You own a console because you want console exclusives.

"Man, I really wanted that PS3 exclusive, The Last of Us, but because Total War: Rome 2 is so good, I can't buy a PS3!"
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#13arleasPosted 6/7/2014 11:24:07 AM
GGscrub posted...
why do you bash consoles

I don't... Console "Peasants" come here to bash PC users and if I say anything at all to the trolls, it's just in defense of my own platform choices.

If they don't want to hear how much better PC is than consoles, they should stay on their own board...of course I can't stop PC trolls from going to the console boards.

As for which games Justify PC only gaming:

ALL OF THEM. That's right... even the non-exclusives.

Unless they go out of their way to screw up a PC release, it's guaranteed better than Consoles by virtue of the fact it's not under the control of one company, I don't pay to play online games, I get nice discounts on games, etc. Plus there are mods and sometimes a crappy dev will s*** out a bad port, and some modders will come along and just fix it.... FOR FREE.
#14Combo MasterPosted 6/7/2014 11:26:34 AM
It seems this gen of gaming will have more pc ports of games than ever before. Even the big hitters like ff15 and mgs5 have been hinted by the developers there will be a pc version. It apparently is much easier now for games to be ported to pc.

If your favorite genres are fps,mmo and rts there is 0 reason to play on console. PC has unlimited backlog of all it's games and you can go back and re experience games at 1440p or 4k eventually or if you spend a lot now!! Get a new experience on ps1,ps2,wii and gamecube games and even Dreamcast at the best possible graphics. Of course as well as all the older systems but you can get games looking like they were made for pc emulating those consoles.

You're right though i'd rather just buy an xbox one **** a pc!!
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#15GoIrish80Posted 6/7/2014 11:28:30 AM
I really hate that term...."AAA."

It's just code for "games that sell a lot." Doesn't mean that they are inherently GREAT games.

Civilization V is a PC exclusive that is 10x better than any Call of Duty, but no console gamer would dare define Civ V as a "AAA" game because it doesn't sell near the level of those titles.

So to answer your question, yes. The PC has plenty of great games that justify sticking to PC only, but no console gamer will agree with it because they're different types of games.
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#16cody4783Posted 6/7/2014 11:32:28 AM
SpazH3d posted...
Nothing gives a s*** about "AAA quality exclusives", we just play games that are good.


Who gives a flyin' flip about exclusives when you have superior framerates, controls, flexibility, (generally) free online, modding, etc..

Not to mention AAA just means they pumped a crap ton of money into development and advertising, but doesn't remotely guarantee a quality game.
#17reincarnator07Posted 6/7/2014 11:37:08 AM
GGscrub posted...
Asellus posted...
"AAA games" are among the most expensive things to produce.

I didnt say AAA games...i said "AAA quality" games, as great games, but not necessarily because of production budget.

You seem to equate high budget to good games. This is not the case on any platform.
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#18MaximoomPosted 6/7/2014 11:41:38 AM
I will just name the ones for 2014, since I dont wanna make a wall of text nobody will read.

Eden Star, Star Citizen, Planetary Annihilation, Wildstar, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Routine, Tropico 5, Pillars of Eternity, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, Nether, Heroes of the Storm.
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#19JKatarnPosted 6/7/2014 11:50:21 AM
GGscrub posted...
Lvthn posted...
Question, why are exclusives the justification you need?

Well, obviously this thread is directed to PC only gamers.

From a quick look PC exclusives look pretty lackluster, hence my curiosity on why any gamer would limit himself to PC only games.

More in-depth/complex games/genres (you don't see Starcraft II/Civilization V/the Total War series etc. on consoles because of control differences and mainstream sensibilities), the ability to mod games - or it could just be that the particular gamer doesn't like the genres/games that are prominent on the consoles. I will be buying a Wii-U sometime in the near future, but nothing I've seen thusfar on the PS4/XB1 wows me, it seems like the same kind of games with slightly better graphics (at least at this point). Down the road if there are enough desirable exclusives/a good bundle I may pick up a PS4, but I have enough games in my backlog across various consoles and PC that I have plenty to play.
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#20AsucaHayashiPosted 6/7/2014 11:53:44 AM
GGscrub posted...
If not, then why do you bash consoles if good games are what make a gamer happy?

because spending thousands for a small handful of games that only appear on specific platforms is an idiotic way to spend money.

once you're a PC gamer you're practically getting nothing but diminishing returns aside from nintendo whose only worthy platform is their handhelds.

From a quick look PC exclusives look pretty lackluster.
PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.