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Anyone here have experience with Asus GPU warranty work?

#1GoIrish80Posted 6/7/2014 12:42:12 PM
So I have the Asus DC2 GTX 670 and while playing Skyrim yesterday, it just crapped out on me. If I try to use it in the primary GPU slot now I can't get a video signal, and if I try to put it in the SLI slot, Windows tells me the device has malfunctioned and I'm unable to utilize it.

I purchased it from Newegg in May of 2012 and according to Asus's website, their warranties are 36 months. Has anyone here ever worked with them on a warranty repair and if so, how did it go?
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#2Dark_Oblivion2Posted 6/7/2014 1:48:38 PM
Pretty ok for me. I once have a busted lower-end ASUS which utilize a passive cooler heatsink back during the 8XXX series day. Though I bought mine from retail and returned it to the store where they directly RMA it back to ASUS. Took like two months or so. They told me since the model was literally discontinued/out of stock, ASUS just decided to replace a slightly higher-end brand new model with a active cooler instead so all it's good regardless.

If you are uncertain on who to turn to just contact Newegg support and inform them about your situation.
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#3AltmadragonPosted 6/7/2014 1:53:18 PM(edited)
Your warranty is still good send it to asus, for a problem like that they will replace the gpu. If your lucky upgrade.
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#4cuteboi100Posted 6/7/2014 2:33:25 PM(edited)
I have experience with ASUS warranty as I am going throw an RMA process right now. If they don't have the same model to send back to you they will upgrade. The two peeves I have are that the process is slow and it is hard to get into contact with them. Other than that, they are friendly and will help you out. You pay for shipping to them by the way.

Also ask them about advance-RMA, they are one of the few companies left that still offer it although it will cost you about 10 bucks more. But if they do not have the exact model to send back to you they will not allow advance-RMA.
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#5GoIrish80(Topic Creator)Posted 6/7/2014 2:45:31 PM
Sounds good, thanks. I've already sent in the initial case information on their website and I'll probably call them Monday.
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