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2 years ago#21
FusionC posted...
Just a good keyboard for gaming. Mechanical doesn't necessarily have to be included. I'm serious about the old keyboard I'm using now. It was from an E-machine that I used for work almost 8 years ago. So I'm just looking for something that will be good for gaming. RTS mostly.

The issue here is you're not saying what your idea of good is. To me most rubber domes all feel about equally awful, so you have to tell us what you want. If you're not looking for specialty keys like a mechanical, then what makes it good for gaming to you?

Basically the only mandatory thing I can think of is having at least 6 key rollover. Once you have that, it's a matter of what you personally find good. Some people hate having bulky keyboards and like getting rid of the 10-key. Other people want programmable macros like a g15 or something.

Other than macros, LEDs, and media keys, the only real quality boost I can think of is having mechanical keys, and that's an entirely different beast all together in terms of personal preference.
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2 years ago#22
Yeah sorry about for a keyboard is the one thing I've never done when it comes to computers. 6 key rollover with macro ability seems about what i'm looking for.
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2 years ago#23
Logitech G510s is $75 on amazon and probably a pretty good starting point to take a look at. 6kro and 54 macros, LED screen to display voice chat and stuff. That $80 tier is usually where you start picking between stuff like macro banks vs mechanical keys.
Irony is a maginot line drawn by the already condemned
2 years ago#24
I'd like to throw out there that I had a G510 in my home for about a week and I found it horrendous. Typing on it felt very awkward because the keys were extremely mushy and the risers on the back of the keyboard only brought it up like 3mm so I actually put a DVD case under the back of the keyboard just so it didn't lay completely flat on my desk. I waited to see how my girlfriend reacted to it and she also said she didn't like typing on it. Meanwhile, many of the keys were only partially-lit because the LEDs seemed to be in the wrong places, so like half of a letter would be lit up and the other half wouldn't. Finally, 64-bit the drivers had some major issue that caused the LCD on it to malfunction and it was an extremely well-known and well-documented issue but Logitech hadn't addressed it in the like 4-month-old drivers that were out and so I had to roll back to the version before THAT. This was a few years ago so the last part probably isn't an issue now but it was still a huge turn-off. On a final note, the macro keys kind of threw me off because they're clustered alongside the keys on the left-hand side of the keyboard so I'd try to orient myself by putting my finger over the ESC key but I'd actually have it over a macro key and I'd hit the wrong thing. That part maybe isn't an issue with the keyboard itself but it's still something that I didn't like.

I will never bring home a Logitech G-Keyboard because I found that one to be such garbage. I also tried typing on a G15 and G19 and found that they were just as mushy. Contrary to what many fans of mechanical keyboards will tell you, all rubber dome keyboards are NOT created equal. A Logitech Internet 350 (A $10 keyboard) will actually have far, far better tactile response than a Logitech G510. I use the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 which is a little bit mushier than the LI350 but it's infinitely better than the terrible G510. Also, the macro keys are recessed on the X4, so there's no way I could mistake one of them for a different key.

Be aware if you're buying a "gaming keyboard" that you could actually be giving up some usability or comfort as far as typing goes. And, it probably won't make any difference in games, other than the NKRO.
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