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After watching some of the E3 presentations, are you persuaded to buy a console?

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User Info: kobalobasileus

2 years ago#61
Where's the "maybe" option?

I already own a WiiU, and it looks like my investment in Nintendo will be paying off... next year. *sigh*

MS' Project Spark sounds interesting, but it will be on PC, so I will buy it on PC.

Destiny could be good, provided it doesn't add the stupid level scaling of Borderlands or Defiance post 1.5 patch... but I hate playing shooters without my Hydra, so I'll wait for a PC release.

Sony's LittleBigPlanet 3 is the only exclusive they showed that I care about. But I am not buying a console for ONE game.

The PlayStation TV interested me when it was called the Vita TV, as I love having the ability to play handheld games on a TV. If it still supports physical Vita cards, I'd consider buying one... if there were any Vita games I wanted to play. Sadly, there aren't, and I will not buy PSP games digitally on PSN, as PSN's DRM is unacceptable. Sony really should have put a UMD port in that thing.

User Info: arleas

2 years ago#62
kobalobasileus posted...
But I am not buying a console for ONE game.

This is the main thing that keeps me from getting a console again. They release one game I'm interested in and that's it... If they just had a flood of awesome games that I can't wait to play (keywords here: can't wait) then I'd get one, but most of the time they come out on PC eventually and I've got more than enough games to keep me busy to care.

User Info: Flame_Hazard

2 years ago#63
Anyone got a recommended place to check out a summary for each show? I don't have time to watch the hour long presentations since I'm on vacation and this hotel wifi is on and off..but people seem impressed so I'm kind of interested.
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User Info: XtremeWRATH360

2 years ago#64
DeviljhoHAX posted...
XtremeWRATH360 posted...
DeviljhoHAX posted...
lol @ PC-only peasants.

Glorious Multi Platform Gaming Master Race is where true gamers are.

I hope you also own the 3D0, Phillips CD-I, Virtual Boy, Apple Pippin and Atari 5200......Oh you don't own those well i guess you're not part of the "Multi Platform" Master Race.

I have the Virtual Boy, Atari 5200 stored under my basement. lol at the pippin and CD-i, good luck finding the pippin.

A true gamer would have them all
Juan is........NUMBER 1!

User Info: Brainhunter

2 years ago#65
So happy to be a PC + WiiU gamer.

Best of both worlds.
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User Info: a_Wizards_Baker

2 years ago#66
Not at all. As far as exclusive titles go, the only game that really intrigued me was the Bloodborne tile from From.

I'm assuming that it will say a PS4 exclusive, which is a bit disappointing, but there is no way i'd buy a console for just one title. Mind you, I don't even own a TV to play it on.

User Info: it_r_over9000

2 years ago#67
I've planned on getting a PS4 at some point. I didn't get a PS3 until they were in the last generation of fat backwards compatible ones. I didn't get one at launch because I had just gotten my PC and there were no games out for PS4 (still really aren't) at the time. I want to play Destiny with my friends on PS4 and there will eventually be others as well. I'm not exactly sure when I'll get one but I will eventually do it.
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User Info: Sergei_Dukanov

2 years ago#68
I was gonna hold of on the Xbox one, but a damn halo collection? YES..... The only game that converted me into shooters.
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User Info: johnny_pay

2 years ago#69
every game i would buy a ps4 for dont come out til next year

User Info: ArkonBlade

2 years ago#70
not this year at least.

will see how next year looks.
PC game sales= more games then you could ever dream of owning.
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  3. After watching some of the E3 presentations, are you persuaded to buy a console?

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